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FourFold Studio

FourFold Studio

Let’s maximize your business potential


Our goal is to bring your vision to life

FourFold is a multi-disciplinary design agency. We are a startup design agency founded by four ambitious guys from the creative industry including architectural and interior design, digital marketing and strategy as well as filming and production. We believe every business have their untapped potential and you as a business owner may not even realize. Call us crazy but we believe nothing is impossible–if there’s a will, there’s a way.


Interior design

We believe every space has a unique narrative – we work with clients to find their story and build an experience to make each project exciting and special. The difference that defines good design and great design lies within the execution of the details and the richness of thought behind the ideas. We believe in our client’s vision as they believe in us to help them define their brand and spaces.

Marketing and Strategy

Every brand should stand on its own – we work with clients to find their niche and build creative and effective marketing campaigns. Every brand should tell its own story because insights are hidden in stories. Thats the insight to make your company unique, thats the insight to make consumers believe in your company.

DIGITAL products & UI/UX

With the emergence of apps and digital integrations, our lives has been changed dramatically. User experience is crucial to retain customers. Don’t worry because we got that covered with our user-centric mindset. We modify and build custom CRMs and app integration. Got an idea? Let us know, we have experienced UI/UX designers and a full-stack developers to bring your vision to life.




From GTA to East Asia